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Designer mask cut

Who does not know this: the mask does not fit properly, slips while speaking or pinches behind the ears - glasses fog up.

That's why we worked on our pattern for a long time. With a lot of passion, trial wear and the experience of our product designer Lilia, we have found the perfect fit for you! 

In order to offer a fit for different head shapes, we built in an extendable chin fold and opted for an elastic band as ear loops.

Simply pull the chin crease out as far as necessary after putting it on. It is best to leave it completely folded in with children.

To adjust the ear elastics, simply adjust the knot to the desired length and then hide it elegantly in the drawstring. 

Et voilá - the swapface mask:

  • sits great on the face
  • allows comfortable breathing 
  • clear view for glasses wearers

Here you can find our explanatory videos on putting on the mask and adjusting the ear loops.